Single Class Rate

**No "trial fee" will be applied towards the single based classes.

**No member benefit will be applied towards the single base classes.

ClassesTimePrice per time/ 10ticket price
Mommy & Me30 minutes $14.00/ $126.00
Ballet Fundamental60 minutes$19.00/ $171.00

If any other class taken30 minutes $14.00 

45 minutes$17.00

60 minutes$19.00

75 minutes$22.00

90 minutes$25.00

Private non-member fee

30 minutes

60 minutes



Tuition Fees for Registration Base Classes (Rate per class)

More options(over 5 times a week) are available to see at the studio

45 minutes Classes $58.00 ($14.50)once a week

Ballet Intro, Pre Primary,  

Pilate, Pointe, Variation

$108.00 ($13.50)twice a week

$150.00 ($12.50)3 times a week

60 minutes Classes$62.00 ($15.50)once a week
Ballet Primary to Grade 3
$116.00 ($14.50)twice a week
Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap
$162.00 ($13.50)3 times a week

$200.00 ($12.50)4 times a week

75 minute Classes$66.00 ($16.50)once a week
Ballet Grade 4 and above $124.00 ($15.50)twice a week
Int. Foundation$174.00 ($14.50)3 times a week

$216.00 ($13.50)4 times a week

90 minutes Classes

$68.00 ($17.00)once a week
Ballet Grade 7 and above$128.00 ($16.00)twice a week
Intermediate and above$180.00 ($15.00)3 times a week

$224.00 ($14.00)4 times a week

Unlimited$300.00 per studentif the tuition exceeds with any discount

Private Lessons (member)$38.00 for 30 minutesper student/ more detail will apply depend on the situation

$66.00 for 60 minutes 

Member Single Class Rate 

$13.00/ 30 min class*if the student would like to have additional class 

$16.00/ 45 min class*if the prorate was accepted because of the long absences by illness or travel

$17.00/ 60 min class*if the initial month has only one class to start for the new student

$18.00/ 75 min class

$20.00/90 min class

Trial Fee

$10.00 for any classes of registration base classes (one class only. Single class rate will be applied for the second trial.)

*If the registration would happen, this fee will be subtracted from the registration fee, and the class tried will become free

​*The trial will have to be by the appointment, and with the direct parent or the guardian to be present.

Registration Fee: $35.00 per student (Annual, no refundable)  

If the student will be continuous and current, the next year's registration fee will be only $15.00 as early bird discount. If no tuition payment occurs for 2 months in a row without any notice or agreement, this best benefit may not apply.

 Tuition: 4 week division / Member rate (this is the rate only for the members who are under the registration base.)



<Registration Based Program>

Registration Required

<Single Class Based Program>

No Registration required

Discount System

  • Sibling Discount:

​​           10% discount will be applied to the siblings who takes once or twice a week 

​​          12% discount will be applied to the siblings who takes more than 3 times a week

​             *Discount will be applied to the lessor tuition

  • ​Team Member Discount:  

​            10% discount for the total tuition if the student is in the team and takes more than 4 times a week of the lesson.  

               15% discount for the team member who takes 3 or more of various length of the classes (main class has to be 3 times a week)              

  • Referral Discount: If you refer someone to Ballet Kukan Academy, and if the registration will happen, both the current and the new student will receive a discount. The trial process is as usual.​ Please ask the detail at the front desk.