Ballet Kukan Academy offers our main classical ballet curriculum based on Royal Academy of Dance from London, England.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) was established in 1920 in England, and has grown to become a global organization that exists to develop and promote the knowledge, understanding and practice internationally. Their method is carefully built to suit everyone who are interested in learning  classical ballet and/or dance. 

Their attention is not only developing the program to professionals, but also fundamental development in young children. The students will learn the contents of RAD syllabi (text book) at their appropriate level and with the most achievable goals. The teachers are all trained and certified through the Academy, and always updating their knowledge- including anatomical knowledge of human body and general physical attributes. Teachers are also required to learn through all the music concepts and dance forms of music.  Over 250,000 students around the world are taught RAD's classical ballet syllabi every year.

Main curriculum: Royal Academy of Dance

Levels and Examinations

RAD provides two syllabi, known as Graded Syllabus, and Vocational Graded Syllabus. Students may begin with the Graded Syllabus, and after Grade 5, the students can either continue to Grade 8 and/or option to follow the Vocational Graded Syllabus designed for students wishing to study Classical Ballet seriously, and possibly with a view to pursuing a career in dance or dance-related subjects. Graded Syllabus is continuously consisted with Classical Ballet, Free Movement, and Character. In Vocational Syllabus, the female students will learn Pointe work.

RAD offers examinations in both Graded Syllabus and Vocational Syllabus. This examination is held once a year in the United States, and RAD's examiners undergo a rigorous training and they have stringent quality assurance procedures in place. 

The students will receive an official certification and the marks from RAD, Head Office, London if they pass. The certifications will become their permanent record of their achievement, and the students will receive credits based on the national credit system in England. It may become the credit of the students in United States (depending on the institution).  This record can be stated in their school applications or resumes.

RAD's Graded and Vocational qualifications are accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in England and its partner regulatory authorities in Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Ballet Kukan Academy suggests all the students from Grade 1 to participate to this examinations. However, it requires at least twice a week of training and teacher's recommendation.  

Royal Academy of Dance UK
Royal Academy of Dance US