<Other program in Ballet Kukan Academy>

Ballet Fundamental        60 minute

This class is designed for any Teens and Adults who do not have experience or slight experience to enjoy Ballet Exercises. 

Basic elements of Barre, Center work, plus strengthen and stretch will be provided. If your child is in a dance program in the school, and needs to enhance more technique, this will be an excellent class. 

Jazz /Contemporary Classes        6 years old & up

The class is consists of warm up, muscle training, stretch, and practice of steps. Jazz classes will enhance the students' stamina and different type of movement from classical ballet. Natural position helps to develop entire muscle group to grow. Different coordination and movements are challenging, and fun! 

Hip Hop Classes      6 yeas old & up

Hip Hop classes are cool! The students will learn different style of Hip Hop steps. Everybody can start anytime. If you want to experience cool steps and move, come and try out!

*No Street Shoes are allowed. Please prepare a sneaker just for Hip Hop class.

Tap Classes    6 years old & up

Tap classes are challenging, but fun and great training of the musicality. Different use of the foot enhances the muscle of the legs. With combination of ballet class your leg will be trained all around. 

Mommy and Me              
2 years old and a parent

It is designed for 2 years olds who just start developing the sense of various movements. They start express their own opinions and understanding about feelings, shapes, steps and their own creativity. 

This program also helps the parents to see their children's physical status. 

**This class is also good for some 3 years old who may need a help for separation. They will learn how to be independent gradually in this class.

<Classical Ballet Program 2>

RAD Vocational Program

Intermediate Foundation to Solo Seal Award               

11 years old & up          75-90 minute

This is a program for the students who finished Grade 5, and would like to consider Classical Ballet training more seriously towards the future. 

The female students will learn Pointe Work in Vocational syllabus. 
Vocational syllabus contents focus on classical ballet technique. Syllabus dances have both "Classical" and "Contemporary".  The students will be expected to increase their knowledge of ballet vocabulary

Ballet Intro, Pre Primary, Primary, Grade 1 to 7, Intermediate Foundation, Advanced Foundation, and Advanced 1 Level are currently offered in Ballet Kukan Academy. Other levels will be offered with necessary situation.


Ballet Kukan Academy's program/classes

<Classical Ballet Program 1>

Pre School Program 

Ballet Intro              3 & 4 years old        45 minute

Focused on emphasizing developing creativity of this age group. "Ballet terms" are not used, however, they will learn the basics of ballet elements from the shapes and imaginative movements. 
The class contents include Tumbling and Tap. 

Pre Primary               5 years old & up     45 minute

RAD syllabus starts from this level. It is still emphasized with "fun" to learn classical ballet. The students will be expected to understand more precise rhythm differences in music and movements compare to Ballet Intro. They will start learning basic positions in ballet, and start working on more of the fine motor skills, and learning the concept of choreography. This class includes Tap.

Primary                    6 years old & up    60 minute

With this age group, focus is more complicated patterns and movements. Coordination is a challenge at this level. They will learn various formations with more difficult rhythms. The ballet positions that they learn are still basic and simple, however, they will be expected to go into the details of techniques.  

RAD Graded Program (no Pointe Work required)
*Each level is determined by RAD, not by the academic grade level
*Age is only a guide. Actual appropriate level for each child will be determined by the teacher.

Grade 1 to 3                  7 years old & up     60 minute
​Grade 4 & 5                   10 years old & up   75 minute
Higher Grade 6 to 8      12 years old & up    75/90 minute     

The students will seriously learn the technique of classical ballet with fully use of ballet terminologies. RAD syllabus is unique and consisted with more broad range of dance;  "Classical Ballet Technique", "Contemporary Movement", and "Character". This will make the class atmosphere to be more fun, and provide richer training than classical ballet only. 

Classical Ballet Technique: Fundamental training of classical ballet. The training will enhance a good posture, recognizing small muscle groups to strengthen. The student will learn each step with care in Graded syllabus.

Contemporary Movement: It is emphasized with the dynamics of the natural movements. This will enhance more of the students' feelings and mood, spacial awareness, and stamina. Without considering so much of "turn out", the students will be able to express themselves. 

Character: This is a stage form of folk dance. The student will wear a pair of character shoes with a heel, and a character skirt. The students will learn various different steps than classical ballet. This will help the student's musicality, different feeling of dance with the ethnicity.