My daughter has been going to Ballet Kukan Academy since 2007, when Ms. Noriko first   opened the studio. Through the years, even though we’ve moved a lot, my daughter’s desire to stay at this studio is the thing that remains constant. She feels a connection with Ms. Noriko, as well as with Ms. Gina, who joined the staff a few years ago. Both teachers, with their years of experience, are very knowledgeable of the RAD curriculum. They also know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and they never fail to communicate that with the parents. The teachers also know how to address the student’s weaknesses in a very healthy way. There was never a time when my daughter felt embarrassed despite being called out on the things that she needed to improve in. 

I personally love that they have a yearly recital (November) and the RAD exam (around April), because both events keep the students working hard since they are always working towards a goal. The teachers work so amazingly hard to make sure that every single student is ready for both the recital and exam. They even make themselves available for one-on-one coaching if the students need it.

Today, my daughter has a very good posture, grace, great concentration ability, and is able to apply her ballet skills in all the other activities that she’s doing. Ballet has definitely helped her in ice skating, hip-hop dance, school performances, as well as musical theater. I can truly see that the hard work that her ballet teachers have been putting in through the years, for her and her classmates, is definitely paying off. Thank you, Ballet Kukan Academy, for being a true partner in our children’s development. – L. Driz-Verayo



  My daughter started with Ballet Kukan since the age of 4, and has risen to Grade 4 (RAD system).

  She's been taught by the owner from the beginning and while the studio has grown, with additional

  instructors, Ms. Noriko continues to be so involved and committed to enriching these kids.  I have 

  seen my daughter grow with the studio and it's just an amazing place. ~ H. Wong

About Ballet Kukan Academy

Established in 2007 in Arcadia CA, Ballet Kukan Academy has been serving in Arcadia/Monrovia community. Ballet Kukan Academy is still a young studio, yet, we offer a complete classical ballet program under Royal Academy of Dance method. 

With our move to the current location in 2012, Ballet Kukan Academy offers more different dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Tap. 

With more variety of dance forms and teachers, the students experience the different level of discipline and fun! As well as enhancing the physical attributes with all those dance forms, the students are encouraged to understand the music structure with the different style of music. 

"Open House" is held once to twice a year for the parents to see their child(ren)'s progress and development. The annual recital and the examination will bring them more to professional attitude and recognition of their responsibility. 

In Ballet Kukan Academy, the connection between the teacher and the parents are very important. When the level promotion happens (twice a year), we all discuss further detail of each child when necessary. When the result of the examination comes, we always check the strong and rather weak point of each student to have a detailed goal for the next year.  

Ballet Kukan Academy would like to help all around training of the child, and develop his/her own creativity and  enhance their abilities. 

Ballet Kukan Academy's door is always open to all people. We hope we can participate and interact with more and more people in the community.