Ballet Kukan Academy

Classical Ballet School

in the center of the San Gabriel Valley

         Classical Ballet School in the center of Arcadia

Kukan is Japanese for Space.

Your space.   Your child's space.    Other's space.     Sharing space

Ballet Kukan works to help you develop you and your child's creative space.  As they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally at Ballet Kukan Academy, you will see your children create their own sense of space around them. 

As well as physical training, Ballet training will enhance you and your child's Musicality, Endurance, Spatial Orientation, Creativity, Social Skills and more. It also reflects brain development. You and your child will feel all around development year by year. We keep the class ratio to be small to pay attention to each student. 

Ballet training is also a fundamental training for all dance genres and styles. If you or your child would pursue any dance and/or dance related career in the future, classical ballet training will help them to be in a strong position. Ballet Kukan Academy's main curriculum is under Royal Academy of Dance from London, England. The ballet examinations they offer will document the students achievement (refer to Program page), which also help this goal.

Ballet Kukan Academy also offers other dance programs such as Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Tap to enhance the students' all around ability. Adults fitness is also available.

Ballet Kukan Academy is located in the city of Monrovia/Arcadia, CA. The access is very easy from Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Gabriel, Duarte, Covina, and any other cities in San Gabriel Valley. We hope you would try out our program and experience your own creative space to explore.

We believe you and your child will grow strong physically, mentally, and emotionally through Ballet Kukan Academy.



Ballet Kukan Academy offers classes based on Royal Academy of Dance. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the most recognized ballet organizations in the world. The RAD method is unique in that your children will find learning classical ballet can be as fun as any other form of dance.

It was establised in England in 1920 and has spread out to more than 70 countries all over the world. Their method is carefully built for students to learn all the steps correctly and gradually.

For RAD, the emphasis of the training is for every student to have an achievable goal yet to provide the highest possible standard of Classical Ballet teaching. 

Along side Classical Ballet, RAD also considers the importance of character dance (the stage form of folk dance) and free movement, which enhances students' musicality and creativity from movements rather than strict classical ballet technique.

Teachers must be certified to teach the RAD method with understanding of anatomical positions of individuals, musical theories, technical details and meanings.

*Please refer to "Program" page to find more details.

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